Hey hope all is well!!! Whats new? Whats have you been up to?? I finally left the offices. My new area is Cotoca, Santa Cruz! its amazing!! Its called cotoca because of el virgin de cotoca so the area is super hard haha but its alright!! This weekend we had 3 more baptisms!!! Just pure miracles…

Anyways just something i would like to share with you is an experience that I had as i was cleaning the chapel this Saturday for our baptisms…. Towards the end as we were puting all the mops and brooms back i received a call from a member that lives about 2 hours away from my area meaning i had no idea how he got my number or why he was calling me if i wasn’t a missionary in his ward. But anyways he asked for my help and i told him that of course i would help me but that i was very far from him. He then told me that he could see me… that kinda freaked me out haha 10 secs later he pulled up at the chapel and said get in i want to introduce you to a family that want to join the church! haha so of course i got in.Long story short we got the house of this new family and as we entered in the house and a girl with about 17 years old was there laying on her bed with one leg and one arm… She began to explain to me why this had happened to her but she did so with the love of Christ and a smile on her face. She has had cancer for the past year and due to the lack of technology here they cut off her leg and arm… She recently found out that the cancer wasn’t gone… I began to cry as we taught her the restoration and towards the end of the lesson she looked at me and asked me for a priesthood blessing.. I gave her one and the spirit filled the room. She told us she could feel the spirit and that she wanted to be a latter day saint. This wonderful family helped me comprehend the plan of salvation. anyways got to but ponder this mosiah4:24 and apply it in your life!!!
con amore Elder Galli

DSCN1173 DSCN1238 DSCN0492

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