Hey how are you doing!! Sorry I haven’t written in a couple weeks things have been a little crazy over here in the offices… Today are transfer and soon my service in the offices will be finished. Sad but also exciting. I honestly miss the life of a missionary and I could use the sleep haha. This last week my comp and I experienced a couple miracles! First off to explain I have been basically begging my Heavenly Father to take me out of this area and to send me to the Brasil or Argentina part of my mission…. but of course transfers came and I am going to be staying in my area until November until the next transfer comes, but its alright because we are starting to see the fruits of labor. These past weeks have milagroso! Miracleful not a word in English pero ni modo! Haha Anyways I wanted to share a couple miracles with you since I haven’t been writing lately. The 1st one happened about 3 weeks ago as we arrived at the internet café to do some work that President had ask us to do before coming in to the offices. We arrived and of corse I felt like I had lost my phone so I didn’t want to enter into the café yet… 5min went by and I still hadn’t found it. As 7min passed by man with is wife came up to us and said to me “elder what are you looking for” 1) I was surprised because they had called us elderes usually only members call us Elderes… 2) I felt the spirit when all they did was ask me such a simple question.. I then responded oh no don’t worry about it I think I have just lost my phone and then he interrupted me but kindly penetrating my heart again with the spirit “is this your phone” it was my phone and I know my Heavenly Father sent this family so they could be rescued. Long story short they invited us to their house and we taught them about the restoration of the Gospel. They feel the love of Christ and accepted to be baptized 31 of October! It was a miracle that I will never forget and another family in Santa Cruz, Bolivia that has sincerely touched my heart. 2nd The other day as I was on my way to the offices in a taxi I saw my Family Ayon the second family that I had the chance to baptize here in Bolivia. I told the taxi driver to stop and let us out. I payed the taxi and quickly ran to track family Ayon down. I finally tracked them down and they were headed to the hospital because their little boy was very sick… The hospital let them be like they weren’t important…luckily we were at the hospital that the church always uses and I being the Health Secretary was able to get them in fast to see a Doctor. They thanked me and asked me to give their son a blessing. So I did so and they began to tell me how they have already been to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and that they would be going back in October to seal themselves together for time and eternity… I was so happy and amazed to hear that. I then asked the father and mother if they had callings in the church. The father is the 1st counselor or Elders Quorum and the mom is the Primary President. I found this to be a huge miracle. I am so grateful that the familes that I have baptized are firm in the church and understand the importance of the God´s Holy Temples.
Its getting crazy hot of here and also The mosquitoes never fail to kill me at night! I am still loving the mission and will till my last day. I am so grateful

for this wonderful experiencia.Something i have learned this past week is that above all you can never lose faith in your father in Heaven that loves you more than you can comprehend!
con amor

Elder Galli




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