Hey guys hope all is well!! Haven’t sent a letter in a couple of weeks sorry about that its just been pretty crazy in the offices Anyways time is going by crazy fast i cant believe it!!! Its almost septiembre… These past two weeks have been the interview weeks for about half of the elders/sisters in the mission so its our job as secrataries schedule their interviews with president and make sure they have rides to get to their interview and have something to eat… Also so they take advantage of their time while they are in the center of the city (where our offices are) to tourist around and to actually just go shopping haha… it happens… Seems easy but its kinda frustrating when there are about 250 missionaries in the mission… Also I had a meeting with President about two weeks ago because Elder Ucceda and Suarez are coming to speak to us and meet with the   secretaries to see how the mission is being run.

DSCN0526DSCN0522 DSCN0622 DSCN0812




These two are seriously the best.

for example every time an elder/ gets sick they call me and i tell them what medicine to buy or if they need to see a doctor. When they go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine they have to keep there receipts and then fill out a couple of insurance papers… and i have to scan and send them all into our insurance.. President wants the office to be perfect for the arrival of Elder Ucced un testigo especial de dios, so he has asked me to search through the offices storage to maybe find some insurance papers that need to be sent.. SO i went looking and i found thousands… All the way back till january2014…. All the other secretaries aparently never sent them cause they thought it wasn’t important but its actually the only way they mission can receive thier reimbursements.. So i have just been grinding it out these past two weeks but its alright cause i love!! Maybe I am not teaching as much as i used to but i know with my service that i am doing i am helping all of the other missionaries invite children of God to come unto Christ!

This week we have a family that is going to get married!! After 2 years of listening to many elderes their time has finally came and the spirit that they have felt in these past two weeks has changed their hearts completely!!! I love my Heavenly Father and I love bringing people to the understanding that God loves them!

“I am not of those who draw back”-Egalli

Love you guys and hope you have an amazing week!!!

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