Hey guys hope you are all doing great!!! This great has been full of miracles and stories. Its still super freezing and raining like crazy but I feel like the rain is bringing miracles cause the more it rains the miracles my comp and I experience.

Before my time runs out i wanna share something with you guys that happened saturday night. It was about 8:40-45 and my comp asked me hey we have like 15 min left what should we do and I was like lets just go share something with our pensionista(we live with her so basically lets just go home haha) So we started walking back home and we got to the big metal gate and before we could open it the DAd opened the door and before i could asked him if we could share something he said” A dad of a family of 4 just came by about 30 min ago looking for Elder Galli from Fresno Califonia and Elder Jimenez from Huanuco,Peru can you go visit him” and my comp was suprised and said how does he know where we are from and the dad of the our house said just go and baptize him haha So we went and his whole family was waiting outside. They welcomed us in and the DAd had a dream of how he could change his life and in his dream he was lead to our house. All saturday he thought and thought of this dream. He finally knelt down and asked god to guide him to “our house”
Anyways short story short they are going to get baptized August 1 and married in about 2 weeks.

I know that my Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles and that he has a plan for each and everyone of us, I know that Prayer is powerful and that if we pray knowing that we are actually speaking with our HF he will bless our lives with his love and with miracles. This experience changed my life completely and has made me want to have a life more “in tune” with the spirit. eu digo estas coisas no nome de Jesus Cristo AmenDSCN0310

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