t has been a pretty stressful 2 weeks miss you guys like crazy. I am loving the offices but i thinking being inside all day long is killing my brain not to sure… I am not really to sure what to write.. I have a massive migrane right now. I uploaded a bunch of photos so hopefull you will be abel to see them. Today we are going to play tennis!!! i am pretty excited about thot at even though i wont have anyone to play with just being on a court will make me feel at home. I think some of the missionaries want me out of the office so i might just ask for a realse from president… but we will see.. I´ll just keep praying and hope soon that i get an answer from our heavenly father. we eat super ama<ing here not going to lie but i would rather be somewhere where the elders have the pure of love of christ. These past couple of weeks i have learned that to be charitable you need to have an eternal expression of gratitude for our savior and it is something that i have been workign on since i got back. Love you guys a lot and i always think of you!!!DSCN0054

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