Hey everyone!!!!! Well transfers passed and I stayed in the same area butttt i am not training!! Probably one of the biggest calls in the mission! mi hijo s llama elder santos de Brazil!!!!! I am learning more and more Portuguese everyday!!

I don’t have much time but a miracle that we had this week was as we were contacting the street came to a split and my comp went straight not really knowing what to do but i had a feeling to go right. We went right and about 3 min later a man CONTACTED US and asked us why are there so many churches and so we taught hi lesson 1 there in the street and towards the end as i said the first vision holding a photo as well he started to cry and said “God loves me” so i asked him why do you say that? he then started to pull something out of his bag and it was the Book of Mormon! He told us that for 2 months he has been READING AND PRAYING TO GOD THAT HE SAID MISSIONARIES HIS WAY! We then testified and asked him to be baptized on the 2nd of may and he said yes-

I testify that The Lord continues to prepare his children for the 2nd coming of Christ our Savior and author of salvation. I love the gospel and i am so grateful for this opportunity that i have to serve my heavenly father i say these things in the name of our beloved savior and the son of the living God Jesus Christ, amen.

con amor



Elder Galli

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