2 thoughts on “Best Time Of My Life.

  1. Rockie Bogenschutz says:

    Keep up the good work Elder Galli. Your work is touching more lives than you can imagine. Rockie

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  2. Michele Shiflet says:

    ELDER GALLI… you’re so funny! Sometimes I have to really look hard to see if it’s you talking or Grandpa Galli. He loves using the word “Glorious” and “Marvelous”. You’re talking his language and I know he loves reading your emails and living vicariously through you and your adventures. Grandpa would have made a great Missionary at your age – I know he wishes he would have had the chance, so now he tries to talk to everyone asking them if they know their brother Nephi? A little alarming and embarrassing at times cuz there’s no reeling him back in at that point. Ya just gotta let the train go…

    Love reading about your experiences and seeing the photos that you send. They say a pictures speaks a thousand words… it’s true! Keep up the great work, my friend!

    Love you Sterling…


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