What an incredible spirit here today.

What an incredible spirit here today.

Hey guys how are you! Hope all is great!!. I recently got out of the hospital but i still have the infection pretty bad. I signed a release form out of my own will, because I couldn’t handle the needles and stuff and the crappy food, (plus I felt bad for my comp. )I have been called to be a senior companion over the biggest area in the mission. It is an area for 6 elders. The President pulled the four of the Elders out, that had been in the area for along time. He asked me while i was at the hospital if I had it in me to lead this area so I accepted it. I have a new companion finally!!! >Elder Dansie. He is awesome. We are both gringos, with the same amount of time in the mission. We have received so many miracles these past couple days its amazing Including the baptisms last week. this week we will be having two more. Good Times.

So I would just like to share my experience in finding the two last week. One day my comp and i were walking and contacting doors trying to find more families to teach. So after about an hour, we really didn’t find anyone, so I said to my comp “Wait! Lets kneel down and say a vocal prayer.”  He was like…. “Are you serious?!… We are in the middle of the road we can get hit by a car, and people are just going to laugh at us.”…. So I replied… “Elder do you have faith in your comp? Do you have faith that God, who loves us, and that he is always on our left and our right.” So we knelt down in front of hundreds of people in the MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY HERE and said a vocal prayer. I prayed and asked for the spirit . I asked to be guided to families who have been prepared, during the prayer i expressed my love for Christ thy Son. About 5 min later, I felt a prompting to go to the other side of my mission area. So after about an hour of walking I stopped my comp and said” That’s the house that God wants us to knock on today.” So I knocked the door and a lady and her son came to the door…. I said we are here and we have been called of God to share the fulness of the gospel to your family. The lady responded I know who you are, your name is elder Galli from California and your name is Elder Sanchez. I then looked at my comp and started to cry. She continued to talk and said the past 4 nights she has been dreaming of us and in every dream she would get to know us better and better. She let us in and we taught her the restoration and short story short she accepted to be baptized and three weeks later she was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.

I testify and give you my testimony that God is always with us and that he loves us. That as we come to learn how to recognize the spirit, we will walk ways stand in holy places and we will never be moved. I know that the spirit wants to help and guide us more than we want help and guidance. I know that Jesus in the Son of God and the only begotten, that he loves us and died for us. I know that he fulfilled the ultimate sacrifice and conquered death and that I love him and for that I am here in Santa Cruz Bolivia serving a mission.I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Con amor

elder galli

Loving Life

Loving Life

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