The food has finally gotten to me.

The food has finally gotten to me.

Hey sorry I haven’t been writing but these past couple weeks I have been pretty sick and these past four days I have been in the hospital . Not sure what is wrong, but they told me I have a pretty bad infection in my body and that makes it so I am not really able to move without pain or tightness in my muscles but I hope it’s getting better. Anyways just a check up in the hospital for the past few days. I had 3 baptisms last week and 3 rescues meaning brings back three less actives. Amazing things happening everyday here. I love the Lord and his work. Love you guys……..Elder Galli

2 thoughts on “OK NOW I AM SICK!!!!

  1. Dear Sterling, I’m sorry you’ve been so sick and the food sucks! I love you and hope you’re feeling better soon. You’ll sure have lots of mission stories to tell like Grandpapa does. We’re seriously so excited to get your letters and see how you’re doing and get the latest w of w. I think you’re inspired to know the very things you share with us. Love, Aunt Julia

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