You gotta follow the spirit!


Hey guys hows it going!!!! All good??? Hope so! I baptized two people this past, (along with 8 others) that my companion and Bishop baptized, Friday!!! Such an amazing experience!!! The couple also got married and is now preparing to be sealed in the temple! The language is slowly coming and food is slowly getting worse… UGH !

This week while we were teaching one of investigators who has a date to be baptized .One of her friends came over to buy something out of her little store so while she was looking for the item that he wanted I wanted to contact him and just introduce us as missionaries, but my comp didn’t want me to because he thought it would be rude.  We were kinda in the middle of a lesson. I knew where he was coming from but you gotta follow the spirit for i did and i contacted him. He was very excited so we made an appointment for a couple of days later. So i will skip ahead a little bit as we started teaching him about the plan of salvation he asked me how i got the opportunity to go on a mission. So I explained the whole process to him and then he started asking if he go on a mission and I told him of course then i started to bear my testimony and asked him if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the proper priesthood authority and he said yes! After one-act of faith of following the spirit of God we were able to change someones life. Always follow the spirit it will bring miracles in your life and you will be able to change the life of others. He then started to cry and started to explain that for a very long time now he walks about 4 miles to the church OUR CHURCH and prays that someone from our church will teach him about the true gospel and ask him to be baptized.Including this gent my comp and i have 14 baptisms set for Nov 5. Not sure how much of them will progress and truly prepare but i know that with faith and almighty prayer all things are possible for God has created all things, I know that we are of God and that he dwells in those who love one another and have faith that his son lives, i know that he loves us more than we could possibly imagine and that he has a different plan for all of his children, I know that Jesus lives and the he is The Great Redeemer I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior Amen.
con amor
Elder Galli,

2 thoughts on “You gotta follow the spirit!

  1. Angelique Hillier says:

    Wow! Sterling how amazing! I love reading all the experiences you have. I love you cousin! I don’t know if I told you but Ben and I are moving to FRESNO! Ben is actually already living up there and started his new job yesterday 🙂 I’ll be coming up after our wedding on nov. 14. I feel Heavenly Fathers love and guidance SO much since we set our date and sent out invites. I feel like Heavenly Father is so happy for us and so proud of us for making this decision. Again I LOVE YOU! I’m so happy for you and proud of you for serving a mission. The people you serve and you are so blessed by your faithfulness. XOXOXOXOXO


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