Send Food…Please!




Hey Everyone hows it going. hope everyone is doing well!!!Tis week i walked into an invest. house and saw them feeding there chickens chicken, dogs dog, cats cat, and rabbit rabbit. I then found out that they eat them…..Anyways this week i kinda started a new way of studying. Just reading a lot of different books. So i will just share a couple of thoughts in my book of revelation. 1. SAtan ye in holy places and be not moverd. My mom gave me a necklace that has that exact scripture on it and i wear it everyday!!That scrip is now one of my favs besides eter 12;27 and dyc 6;36. When i read this scripture i think like it says in dyc84;88 that god is always on our side where ever we go. and he is always watching us, he watches our every move. That being said we need to be good in our doings so that wherever we may stand can be made a holy place and so we can actually feel the presence of god guide us in our lives. As we commit ourselves to always standing in holy places, spiritually, physically, and emotionally our father in heaven the great almighty will bless us with loving diretion. As we truly start to progress and grow our love for him our decisions will start to change and we will become more disciplined and righteous. Just like Richard G. Scott said our Savior is the Prince of Peace. We do these things not because we fear him but because we love him. When we strive to liive a christ centered life we will start to see a change in every aspect of our lives and receive miracles that are life changing. The best part about living a christ centered is how it makes you feel. If you think about it, its hard to have a negative attitude about things if and when your life is focused on the “prince of peace”. Guys when we have faith in him we abondon the things that take us away from him. Always remember these two things nothing will bring more us success and joy than the teachings of Christ and wealking where jesus walked is less important than walking as jesus walked. Anyway study the scriptures have an awesome day hope you are all doing great!! love you all!!!

I ate more chicken feet and cow PARTS but this time it was all in the same meal. I have videos of me eating them and almost throwing up wish i could show you guys. I feel bad for Ian that he is going to Italy where they eat the best food in the world and speak the best language. must be tough bud. Fat fact i still haven’t had a soild poop.  We don’t use toilet paper here, we use napkins tear us up for days. I take buses all the time that look exactly like nachos bus. HAHAHAHA. I pray for you guys every day. Dad be care as you ride you bike home and to work. Also help everyone get in shape. One of the 70’s dedicated his whole talk to being in shape and the importance of it. Also try and have family home evening every Monday very very important. Every night you guys should be having family prayer. Mom take the kids to the office and have it in Dads office so he doesn’t have to stop work.Family try and study the B of M for 20 min a day. Love you all an miss you every day. Please send me food. I am starving. Help me please. Don’t forget about me.


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