Hey guys! How are all of you doing?! Hope you guys are having an awesome day! Yesterday was fast Sunday so as usual everyone got up to bear their testimonies and for some reason not a lot of people were getting up to share, so i felt like i had needed to share mine andlet them know if a white boy from Cali can that doesn’t speak english can then they could. So I got up said a little chiste everyone laughed and then told them that i know i don’t speak Spanish very well but I know my heavenly father is always with me and he will give me the gift of tongues so i can learn more Spanish and so i can go forward in his work and invite all his children of Bolivia unto his beloved son, and do as our prophet has asked which is to double baps. Right when i said tongues i know i was given the gift of tongues and i know as i bore my testimony to the people of Bolivia that day, that heavenly father was there telling me what he wanted his children to hear.

I know this is a short letter but i just dont have much time but i testify that the gift of tongues is real, i know that when we allow the spirit of God to guide us in our lives we can do amazing things for others, we can show others how powerful the spirit of God is and how in return God will bless us with miracles, and he will bring success into our lives, I know that as it says in DyC 87:8 Stand Ye in holy places and be not moved in true! That being said I know that if we are good in our doings to God he will make where ever we stand a holy place, I know that God is love and dwells in those that love one another, and if we humble ourselves unto God he will our weaknesses our strengths, I know that Jesus lives, that Jesus is the Christ, the king of all kings and i say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ amen

con amor

elder galli

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