Just Follow the Spirit!

Everywhere we go, little kids come running up to us. Most of the time you don't see their Mom's anywhere.

Everywhere we go, little kids come running up to us.
Most of the time you don’t see their Mom’s anywhere.

Hola Chicos! Como esta? hope you all ar great and having a good time with what ever you might be doing. Crazy how fast time flies on your Mission! Its already the 22nd of September but its feels like yesterday i was in the MTC his past week i have experienced some crazy things wish i could share them all with you but i don t have much time. So one of them was during a lesson. About 20 min into the lesson the lady who we were teaching took out both breasts and yes started breast feeding….. She took them out like it was completely normal and of course in my mind i am freaking out. So i look at my comp and he is just chillin continuing to teach the lesson. He then looked at me like he wanted me to say something so i was so shocked i just starred at the women for like 5 secs and looked back at my comp and in english i said bro are you kidding she just wipped everything out and of course he didn’t understand me so as the awkward silence went on i just told he no entiendo perdon haha. After the lesson i had to explain that this is not normal in the USA.

Go Cougars!

Go Cougars!

One more experience was while we were walking home because our day was finished. As we were walking home we walked by this house and kept on walking by it but about 3 min went out we were probably a quarter mile past the house and i heard a voice “go back” so i told my comp and he just said no we have to go home its late but me being stubborn sterling i was going to go back with or without my comp. I started walking and of course he had to come we walked all the way back and i got heard another voice “you are here” I then looked around picked a house and called for them to come out. the mom stuck her head out of the window saw it was the missionaries and screamed to her family and came running out and said “you are here, what took you so long and i have been waiting for months” i then look at my comp and as tears roll down his cheeks they let us pass through to teach a lesson we taught them about the plan of salvation and then we committed all 8 of them to be baptized on the 11 of octubre

This little boys family will all be baptized October 11. Yep! 8 of them.

This little boys family will all be baptized October 11. Yep! 8 of them.

Always follow the spirit and always put God first

love you guys and hoope you are all doing great. email me PLEASE!!!!

Where we shoot hoops.

Where we shoot hoops.

whats new with you and whats going on in the real world haha

con, amor

Elder Galli,

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