One long Journey……But I made It!!!!!


hey guys hope you all are you well!! I am finally here in bolivia and finished with my first week. Its crazy poor here, no body has anything. I guarenty the poorest parts of america do not compare. Btw i have an actuakl time limit this time so i am going to being typing as fast as possible so sorry for the grammar errors.

The moment i landed in bolivia i was immeditly humbled. My first meal was parrot, cow organs, legit chicken feet and some chicken heart, also the first night i slept outside basically in the dirt… Finally the second day the president felt bad for us and treated us to a legit meal haha. even though the food is bad and i slept on tile with a blanket a a set of pillows i am loving it here. my companion and i have already in just three days of working together have 7 baptisims for oct 4th. <The things i am experiencing here are crazy!!! I have gotten addicted to blood saugage now. I now it sounds gross but it actually taste amazing. Well only get feed lunch here so basically if you get hungry to go”visit a member”. Sometimes get harder than others but i know like it says in dc 84:88 our hevanly father is always with us. Its amazing the miracles that come when you let the spirit guide you in your life. I have already experienced it with tracking house to house. There are three companionships in the house that i live in and they are all amazing. My companion is a legit professional soccer player in peru and then there is also a kid that plays soccer for the U on full scholarship in the house.

One thing i have learned here is patience! Patience is a key characteristic to have in life, especially if you are on a mission. I am not sure what the scripture reference is but it says if we have patience and faith in our doings our heavenly father will give us the what we need to succeed.

well everybody sorry i wish i could write all that has happened so far but i have no time and my companion is very unpatient and gets super annoying is something is not done at a fast pase.

So hope you all are doing well miss you all

con amor

Please send me letters. I really need them. Hint Hint!!!!I dont know the address, but go online and send me things to the mission home in the Santa Cruz Bolivia Mission.

Also emails are great. My P Days are every Monday. Love you all Mucho Mucho!!!!

elder galli

One thought on “One long Journey……But I made It!!!!!

  1. Rockie says:

    Elder Galli,
    I experienced the same thing when I arrived in Belgium on my mission. My companion was impatient and cheap. He wouldn’t even buy food. I was committed and lived the language and kept every rule. He was a great missionary, just worn out and frustrated.
    I received an email a couple of months ago from him thanking me for being strong. He let me know that he had wanted to tell me for the last 30 years how grateful he was because it changed his mission and his life.
    You my dear friend and brother have a special and contagious spirit that will captivate and change for good those people you encounter. Keep the patience. God will bless you. Already you are touching my life.
    Love ya pal.


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