Watch out Bolivia……Here I come.


HI everyone hope everyone is doing amazing!!!!! I am finally out of here well I leave monday. I have had an amazing experience here and spiritual experiences I would never imagine of having. I have come to lover everyone in my district and zone so much its going to be a sad good bye but I know I will see them again in 2. It still hasnt sunk in yet that I am leaving for two years but I feel like once I get to bolivia and see my living conditions and what I am going to be eating for the next 2 years it will…..

Last night was probably the most spiritual moment de mi vida. First we went to a devotional and got the chance to listen to Don O. Clark of the seventy. I believe he spoke at general conference last year but not 100% sure he talked about how we can become a more successful missionary. While he was talking I came up with quote “why help them convert if you wont help them stay” Did you guys know that we now how more inactive members in the church than active. We need to do a better job making sure people have friends and calling!! Make them feel welcome! He also talked about other things and he read this scripture which is now one of my favorite scriptures D&C84:88 everyone should read that. Talks about how God is always with us! He will be on our right hand and our left, that the spirit shall always be in our hearts and his angles will surround us. A quote he said was “I fear no man, I fear God, I fear no man” Take a couple minutes and ponder about that quote and what it truly means to you. After the devotional we went back to west campus to the classroom and put our desks in a big circle. We started with a hymn “O thy Father” but to the tune of “come thou found” Best song ever! then we prayed and then once the spirit was there we started talking about what everyone liked from the devotional. About 5 minutes into it one of the elders in my district Elder Hansen spoke up and said I have wanted to try this for awhile now and since tonight is one of our last nights here I think tonight is perfect. So starting at him we all went around and said 1 or two names of people we love that maybe are falling away from the church, fell away from the church, or doesnt have the church in there life, or is in the church but kinda just goes through the motions. I wont say who I talked about but I just wanted to talk about how strong the spirit was. Most of you know that I am not the most sensitive guy and not the guy that usually tears up during church or anything related to that. But this time I just really could help it. I have never felt the spirt so strong. I am just so grateful for all of my family and friends that helped me make the decision to go and serve a mission. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and that he atoned for our sins so that we may have the chance to live with him and our families again. I know that the Book of mormon is true and the Joseph Smith did translate it through the words of God. I know that our Heavenly Father called me to Bolivia to teach his children who he has prepared for me to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Just some quotes that I have come across since I have been here at the MTC
1) If it is to be, it is up to me
2)Believe you can and it will be done
3) Dont settle for ok always do great
4)You can always do a little bit more
5)Today Today work with a will
6)Always expect the very best of yourselves
7)Everyone is your superior in some way
8)All that is unfair about life can be made right through the atonement
9)Faith over fear!!
10)Faith is the power that drives everything you do
11)Faith without works is dead, works without faith are a waste of time
12) If you put him first he will tell you whats second
13)”Child dont worry so much, you forget who is in charge”
14)All the water in the world couldnt sink the smallest ship unless it gets inside
15)Sin now a days was the Halloween mask of tolerance

Hope you are all having a wonderful day just remember “if you put him first he will tell you what is second”

Con amor

Elder Galli,

P.S.   Please don’t forget me!!! Remember to write me letters. I need them. Please!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One thought on “Watch out Bolivia……Here I come.

  1. Rockie Bogenschutz says:

    Elder Galli Get ready for making the greatest growth in your life. You have one time in this life to do,what you are doing. Don’t waste a second, you can never get it back. All my love, Rockie

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