Wow! 5 Weeks!!


Hey guys!! Hope all of you guys are doing great!! Today I am starting my 5th week at the MTC.. Pretty Crazy time is flyin! I will be leaving the MTC on Sep 10th so in about 2 weeks now. I language is really starting to come.

Something pretty crazy that I found out last week was that mi miestra grew up in Ojai, California and went to the same highschool that I did. He knows all about the Weil Tennis Academy where I spent most my years. We started talking about where we would both eat and we basically always ate at the same places. He just got off his mission so we were in Ojai at the same time.

A couple nights ago I got to listen to Edward B. Allen and he said something really cool it was “you are all elite soldiers of thy Lord and you are at war with Satan and his followers… etc” that hit me so hard and just made me really think how grateful I am to serve a mission and to bring his children unto him again.

This past week my companion and I have been teaching a Catholic member from Argentina. Are first lesson with her we broke down vers by vers in 2 Nephi 31. After that my companion started talking about something else I dont know what he was saying but I just went for it haha and started to bare my testimony and then I asked her if she would follow JesuCristo’s example and prepare to be baptized. Then I told her we would be holding a baptismal date on Sep 14th and she said idk because my father is vey Catholic and he would probably kick me out of the house. Well we are only allowed like 30 minutes and time was up so I asked her to read the Jesus Christ Pamphlet and that it is really important that she prays for her Dad’s change in heart and we would do the same. It talked about why she needed to be baptized and all about the Gospel of Jesucristo. Then I asked her to pray about it en el nombre de Jesucristo amen con real intencion and she said she would. I fasted the next day and prayed for her Dads change in heart. We met the next day and she talked about how being baptized in our church was different than hers. So my companion and I read the fourth article of faith. We talked about that and then we explained to her that if she wants to have eternal life she has to follow our Saviors example and be baptized by immersion and recieve the Holy Ghost. After that we read D&C 20:73-74 where it talks about the baptism process. Right when we started talking about that I knew the spirit was very very strong. After we talked about that for awhile we talked about how we can renew these covenants and then we read D&C 20:77,79. She starting crying and I asked whats wrong? She said nothing while tearing up. I said do you feel that, do you peace and comfort in your heart? She said yes I then testified to her that, this is the Holy Ghost testifying to you that our mesasage is true. I then bore my testimony to her and in the middle of it I started to tell her all the things I was grateful for and the last thing two things that I ended with was I know that God sent me and my companion here to deliver this message to you about thy gospel and that I knew that through the Holy Ghost God was guiding me and telling me everything what I just told you. Then I expressed how grateful I was to have the opportunity to teach you and bring you this message from nuestros Padre Celestial (our Heavenly Father) and she smiled. I then asked her again if she would follow our Saviors example and prepare to be baptized on Sep 14th and she said yes I would love to.

I am so grateful all the experiences I have had since I have been here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve thy Lord and his children in Bolivia, Santa Cruz. En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

Please if you can…I love getting letters…..It makes my day! Dear Elder me, it’s super easy. PLEASE!!!!

con amor

Elder Galli,

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