Hablas español?





Sterling found one of his friends from the tennis team.

Guyssss! Hope you all are doing well! Today starts my fourth week mark its crazy!! I have about 2 and a half weeks left and then I am off to bolivia, pero that is if I get my visa on time. I may have to fly down to vegas and wait in some office all day until I get it. Any ways this past week has been amazing!!.

I have 3 investigators that i’m teaching at the moment. They are goign great except for one. She is ateo so she is hard to get through and no matter what we tell her she just replies with well why does that matter because I am already happy and I am a good person, so I dont need God. It gets frustrating at times but its alright just have to have patience and it will come.

A couple of days ago I woke up at about 5am and on the corner of my eye I saw my tennis rackets. I strarted missing tennis and I could not go back to sleep so I went over picked up my racket and just started swinging for about an hour… I finally got tired of it so I decieded that I would just read until my companion was up and ready. I opened up my scriptures and the first scripture I read was D&C 78:19 and it reads he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious” I thought about that for a little bit and it made me think of how thank I am for all the things my family has sacrificed for me y all the things our father and Heaven has sacrificed for all of us. I then thought how grateful I am that I have the opportunity to serve as servant of the Lord in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and I how I will soon get the chance to meet the people that our Father in Heaven will prepare for me to teach the restored gospel to.

So every Sunday after the sacrament has been passed my mission president will walk up to the podium and pull 2 names out of the hat to give a talk in spanish only. The first name he pulls out is a big fella from canada so I look at my companion and we both are like ok some maybe we might slide by this week… Butttt there was still one more to be picked out.. He goes to pick it out, he grabs the name looks straight at me and says ” and elder galli will give us our closing talk on enduring to the end.. My companion and I look at each other. He is laughing and I am about to cry.. I quickly whipped out my preach my gospel and flipped to the enduring to the end section, but wait there seems to be a problem oh yeah that probably cause I forgot to bring my spanish preach my gospel. So quickly read the whole section and then said a prayer after that thy spirit would be with and that my tongue may be loosed so I could speak spanisha and that the holy ghost would guide me and let me know what to say. I walked up there and gave one of the best talks in my life. I testify that I know that was the gift of tongues and I know that if we have faith in our heavenly father that he will be there whenever we need him, even in our hardest times. en el nombre de jesucristo amen.
D&C 8:2(read)

Well I love all you guys hope you are all doing well and miss you so much. Take care.

con amor

Elder Galli,

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