2nd P Day. and LOVING every MINUTE of IT!!


Hey everyone,

hope you all are doing great!!!!! I have now been at the MTC in Provo for 2 weeks and have about 3 and weeks left. The MTC is great but it’s also hard at times. Spanish is so harddd….. but it is coming along. I can pray, testify, and can teach for about 20 min then im done hahaha. Met a lot of awesome people already and I know there is more to come. I wasnt able to email the first week but I had no time at all. We basically get like 3 hours of free time on Pday because we have service, then we get to go to the temple, and then we have to eat sooooo it doesnt leave uuch time. BTw my companion’s name is Elder Bloomfield he is 24 and he is from san diego.

My 2 day here my companion and I had to give a full on lesson in espanol to a guy who knew not one word of english. It was the most embarrassing thing of my life haha but we were able to teach him an okay lesson and he was kind enough to say yes to another lesson.m We taught him throughout the week and by the 4th day he said to coming to church with. So we were super pumped. Sunday comes around and we are waiting outside of the chapel waiting for him to show but he never did, then two elders came out and told us that it was all a test. The guy we taught is actually a member of the church, he went on his mission to argentina and he is now our teacher… hahaha when we found out everyone was laughing. We were so embarrassed.

I have experienced so much these past two weeks and wish I could tell you guys all of the little jokes and pranks that go around here but I have nooo time. We only get about 45 min on the computer during our pday.

“If you only look once you are not a man but if you look twice you are not a missionary”

Last night I was privileged enough to be able to listen live to someone of the 70 speak. His name was David F. Evans and he talked about the importance of repentance and when we pray to let the natural man go and not be selfish. There was a lot more he talked about but those were the two main points.

Lately I have been studying about eternal happiness and living with our families forever. 2 really things that stood out and were very powerful to me when I read them were 1)God sent his beloved Son to carry out the atonement so we can be happy in this life and recieve a fulness of joy in the eternities.AND 2) Others seek to have fun in life with this as there main goal, they allow tempoary to distract them from lasting happiness.The only way we to to recieve lasting happiness in through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y Rendentor, Yo se que Jose Smith restaurardo el iglesia, Yo se que es libro de mormon es verdardero, yo se que Juesucristo y Dios ama ustedes y mi , to se que dios es nustro Padre celestial en el nombre de Jesucrist amen.

Love you guys and if you want dear elder me!!!!!!  PLEASE!

LOve SterLinG

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