A week of applying Isaiah 1:19 was and will always be a week of MIRACLES! This week I was able to receive lots of light/revelation as i spent my studies scrutinizing and memorizing ISAIAH 1:19, but instead of sharing all of the hidden parts of this scripture that I found as i compared the English version and Spanish version I would like to introduce you to someone I have known now for 5 months who recently acted upon his desire to sing the song of Redeeming love by being baptized by immersion in the name of the Father, and in the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. He is a very dear friend to me and has been a huge example to me ever since i met him.

Daniel has been living this scripture for 2 years ever since he met the missionaries, but never got baptized due to 2 things 1) He provides for a family of 6 off of 13.000$ a year… 2) meaning he had no chance of getting married,meaning he could not get baptized…. But his life changed when Daniel felt the pure love of Christ and put his trust in God.Long story short 3 weeks ago I made a promise to Daniel and his family which was basically that if he could trust in God a little bit more and do all that he could to be baptized that God would change his life and bless him with a better life. I invited him as someone who has no experience in Providing for a family etc.. but as a representative of Christ our Redeemer to gather up all his money that he had in that moment and to put it towards his marriage. I testified to him with conviction, power, and love that he would eat the good of the land if he was willing and obedient.That day he committed to get married and baptized and his life change. 3 weeks passed and on the 10th he got married, on the 17th he was baptized, and on the 18th he was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had the privilege to confirm him and after to express my love with a big hug. Later that day my comp and I passed by his house and I asked him why he went through with it. He told me something that I will never forget which was “Elder Galli when you testified to me about those things I felt the spirit so strong and the love of God, but most of all that I had been a highly favored child of God” To sum all of this up with a quote it would be a quote that I have been applying to my life lately which is “good things come to those who wait, best things come to those who do” I love my Heavenly Father and I know he loves me, I know he lives and always wants the best for us.

con amor
Elder Galli


Hey hope all is well!!! Whats new? Whats have you been up to?? I finally left the offices. My new area is Cotoca, Santa Cruz! its amazing!! Its called cotoca because of el virgin de cotoca so the area is super hard haha but its alright!! This weekend we had 3 more baptisms!!! Just pure miracles…

Anyways just something i would like to share with you is an experience that I had as i was cleaning the chapel this Saturday for our baptisms…. Towards the end as we were puting all the mops and brooms back i received a call from a member that lives about 2 hours away from my area meaning i had no idea how he got my number or why he was calling me if i wasn’t a missionary in his ward. But anyways he asked for my help and i told him that of course i would help me but that i was very far from him. He then told me that he could see me… that kinda freaked me out haha 10 secs later he pulled up at the chapel and said get in i want to introduce you to a family that want to join the church! haha so of course i got in.Long story short we got the house of this new family and as we entered in the house and a girl with about 17 years old was there laying on her bed with one leg and one arm… She began to explain to me why this had happened to her but she did so with the love of Christ and a smile on her face. She has had cancer for the past year and due to the lack of technology here they cut off her leg and arm… She recently found out that the cancer wasn’t gone… I began to cry as we taught her the restoration and towards the end of the lesson she looked at me and asked me for a priesthood blessing.. I gave her one and the spirit filled the room. She told us she could feel the spirit and that she wanted to be a latter day saint. This wonderful family helped me comprehend the plan of salvation. anyways got to but ponder this mosiah4:24 and apply it in your life!!!
con amore Elder Galli

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Hey how are you doing!! Sorry I haven’t written in a couple weeks things have been a little crazy over here in the offices… Today are transfer and soon my service in the offices will be finished. Sad but also exciting. I honestly miss the life of a missionary and I could use the sleep haha. This last week my comp and I experienced a couple miracles! First off to explain I have been basically begging my Heavenly Father to take me out of this area and to send me to the Brasil or Argentina part of my mission…. but of course transfers came and I am going to be staying in my area until November until the next transfer comes, but its alright because we are starting to see the fruits of labor. These past weeks have milagroso! Miracleful not a word in English pero ni modo! Haha Anyways I wanted to share a couple miracles with you since I haven’t been writing lately. The 1st one happened about 3 weeks ago as we arrived at the internet café to do some work that President had ask us to do before coming in to the offices. We arrived and of corse I felt like I had lost my phone so I didn’t want to enter into the café yet… 5min went by and I still hadn’t found it. As 7min passed by man with is wife came up to us and said to me “elder what are you looking for” 1) I was surprised because they had called us elderes usually only members call us Elderes… 2) I felt the spirit when all they did was ask me such a simple question.. I then responded oh no don’t worry about it I think I have just lost my phone and then he interrupted me but kindly penetrating my heart again with the spirit “is this your phone” it was my phone and I know my Heavenly Father sent this family so they could be rescued. Long story short they invited us to their house and we taught them about the restoration of the Gospel. They feel the love of Christ and accepted to be baptized 31 of October! It was a miracle that I will never forget and another family in Santa Cruz, Bolivia that has sincerely touched my heart. 2nd The other day as I was on my way to the offices in a taxi I saw my Family Ayon the second family that I had the chance to baptize here in Bolivia. I told the taxi driver to stop and let us out. I payed the taxi and quickly ran to track family Ayon down. I finally tracked them down and they were headed to the hospital because their little boy was very sick… The hospital let them be like they weren’t important…luckily we were at the hospital that the church always uses and I being the Health Secretary was able to get them in fast to see a Doctor. They thanked me and asked me to give their son a blessing. So I did so and they began to tell me how they have already been to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and that they would be going back in October to seal themselves together for time and eternity… I was so happy and amazed to hear that. I then asked the father and mother if they had callings in the church. The father is the 1st counselor or Elders Quorum and the mom is the Primary President. I found this to be a huge miracle. I am so grateful that the familes that I have baptized are firm in the church and understand the importance of the God´s Holy Temples.
Its getting crazy hot of here and also The mosquitoes never fail to kill me at night! I am still loving the mission and will till my last day. I am so grateful

for this wonderful experiencia.Something i have learned this past week is that above all you can never lose faith in your father in Heaven that loves you more than you can comprehend!
con amor

Elder Galli




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Hey guys hope all is well!! Haven’t sent a letter in a couple of weeks sorry about that its just been pretty crazy in the offices Anyways time is going by crazy fast i cant believe it!!! Its almost septiembre… These past two weeks have been the interview weeks for about half of the elders/sisters in the mission so its our job as secrataries schedule their interviews with president and make sure they have rides to get to their interview and have something to eat… Also so they take advantage of their time while they are in the center of the city (where our offices are) to tourist around and to actually just go shopping haha… it happens… Seems easy but its kinda frustrating when there are about 250 missionaries in the mission… Also I had a meeting with President about two weeks ago because Elder Ucceda and Suarez are coming to speak to us and meet with the   secretaries to see how the mission is being run.

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These two are seriously the best.

for example every time an elder/ gets sick they call me and i tell them what medicine to buy or if they need to see a doctor. When they go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine they have to keep there receipts and then fill out a couple of insurance papers… and i have to scan and send them all into our insurance.. President wants the office to be perfect for the arrival of Elder Ucced un testigo especial de dios, so he has asked me to search through the offices storage to maybe find some insurance papers that need to be sent.. SO i went looking and i found thousands… All the way back till january2014…. All the other secretaries aparently never sent them cause they thought it wasn’t important but its actually the only way they mission can receive thier reimbursements.. So i have just been grinding it out these past two weeks but its alright cause i love!! Maybe I am not teaching as much as i used to but i know with my service that i am doing i am helping all of the other missionaries invite children of God to come unto Christ!

This week we have a family that is going to get married!! After 2 years of listening to many elderes their time has finally came and the spirit that they have felt in these past two weeks has changed their hearts completely!!! I love my Heavenly Father and I love bringing people to the understanding that God loves them!

“I am not of those who draw back”-Egalli

Love you guys and hope you have an amazing week!!!

Hello everyone! hope all is well! This week has been pretty crazy. Everyone in the offices over here have been cracking up all week because the health secretary(me) has been in the hospital all week haha. It was a bit different but I am totally fine. We are moving the offices to another location so I haven’t had to much time in my area which is tough but asi es la vida haha. There has been a family in my area that has been talking with the Elders for about 2 years now and still haven’t gotten baptized because of money situations and of course the desire… But last night changed everything. Last night we watched a 20min movie about temples and families. Never have I felt the spirit so strong… As we testified, taught, and promised I could see an immediate change in theirs hearts. The shared that on august 29th they would be receiving their pay check and though it isn’t much (50dollars each one…) that they would use it to get married so they can get baptized and start their preparation to seal themselves for Time and Eternity

I know that Families can be together forever, and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can comprehend…

These two are seriously the best.

These two are seriously the best.

Tennis Anyone?

we are going to play tennis today!!!!!!!hahaha i was just playing with the secretaries like fooling around but then i started to serve and he could tell i could actually play haha he actually almost kicked us out because the balls were flying everywhere but then i started to talk tennis with him hahaha like tournaments and he could tell that i was kinda good haha i then beat him in a couple 10pointers and he invited me back to his club after my mission to train if i wanted to hahaha kinda cool it was amazing and a father with a daughter and a son that play ITF saw me play and wants to be my coach!!! haha his daughter is super good and is going to Egypt next week for tournaments!!! is is also a member of the church!! and his son is going to server a mission soon!!!

If you only knew that I have been dreaming about this for a solid year now.

Yes!! Beautful clay courts. I am in heaven.

Yes!! Beautiful clay courts. I am in heaven.

Hey guys hope you are all doing great!!! This great has been full of miracles and stories. Its still super freezing and raining like crazy but I feel like the rain is bringing miracles cause the more it rains the miracles my comp and I experience.

Before my time runs out i wanna share something with you guys that happened saturday night. It was about 8:40-45 and my comp asked me hey we have like 15 min left what should we do and I was like lets just go share something with our pensionista(we live with her so basically lets just go home haha) So we started walking back home and we got to the big metal gate and before we could open it the DAd opened the door and before i could asked him if we could share something he said” A dad of a family of 4 just came by about 30 min ago looking for Elder Galli from Fresno Califonia and Elder Jimenez from Huanuco,Peru can you go visit him” and my comp was suprised and said how does he know where we are from and the dad of the our house said just go and baptize him haha So we went and his whole family was waiting outside. They welcomed us in and the DAd had a dream of how he could change his life and in his dream he was lead to our house. All saturday he thought and thought of this dream. He finally knelt down and asked god to guide him to “our house”
Anyways short story short they are going to get baptized August 1 and married in about 2 weeks.

I know that my Heavenly Father is a God of Miracles and that he has a plan for each and everyone of us, I know that Prayer is powerful and that if we pray knowing that we are actually speaking with our HF he will bless our lives with his love and with miracles. This experience changed my life completely and has made me want to have a life more “in tune” with the spirit. eu digo estas coisas no nome de Jesus Cristo AmenDSCN0310